Licensing Options + Succession

NEO is providing top tier licensing options, complete client management solutions or a private succession plan. Learn about our service plans below.

Premium licensing

Premium Licensing

A flat dollar licensing fee paid as a representative of the NEO AFSL to run and build your business

Join as a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) and/or Authorised Representative (AR).

You pay:

$27,500 p.a. dealership costs plus 3rd party costs (PI, ASIC Levy, etc)

We provide

  • Business risk review and assessment
  • Ongoing education (CPD) & Professional Development
  • Advisor technical resources and technology solutions
  • Compliance & Audit programs
  • Research & open approved product list
  • Commission administration
  • Statement of Advice (SoA) & advice vetting service.
Premium licensing


Premium + Back office, where the licensing fee is paid as a split of revenue and all support activities are completed for you.

Continue on as an AR or cease as an AR and continue as a Client Manager.

You pay:

60% of revenue
0% of back-office costs

We provide

  • Premium Licensing, plus:
  • PictureWealth's client technology and Adviser CRM
  • All back-office support staff & dedicated Client Services team
  • SoA's written and implemented
  • Reporting and revenue tracking
  • Specialist advice team
  • Marketing & public relations
  • Business development initiatives
  • Lead generation
Premium licensing

Private Succession

A beneficial exit for you, and best in class ongoing service for your clients.

Full sale;
Partial sale; or
Transitional sale.

NEO’s parent company, PictureWealth, is an active business acquirer and offers a customised succession plan to create a beneficial exit for you, and a value add for your clients.

Choosing the right partner when selling your business eliminates worry and uncertainty.

PictureWealth’s flexible approach is supported by in-house legal counsel, diligence, and finance teams, providing you with the resources you need to make the best decision for your business

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Where appropriate, you and your clients are matched to AR’s with specialist advisory capability, and supported by dedicated client services team members.

Implemented via our signature Client Transfer & Purchase Agreement.